Dominican Republic Service Trip

December 2019:

Avi is back from this year’s service trip.

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DR 2019

October 2019:

Avi and Samm are returning to the Dominican Republic in service over Thanksgiving. We Care Computers HQ in West Hartford is a drop off location for any and all donations. In addition to money we need: Over the counter medicines (Ibuprofen, tylenol, aspirin, children and infant pain relievers, multi vitamins (kids/adults), tums, allergy meds (zyrtec), lotrimin, skin lotions, toothbrushes and paste, cheater eyeglasses, Shoes new or used (flip flops, sneakers, work boots, children black dress shoes for school) Thank you again for your past support and we appreciate anything you can do to help us.

Thank you in advance for your time and please watch our video on the go fund me page for more information and an inside look at what we do.

Go Fund Me Page

DR Trip Blog

One Page DRST Support Flyer

Stats from the 2018 trip:

Some Great Photos from the Trip

*** Read current news about the DR trip on the Watkinson School blog.**

Avi and Samm are heading out in November to the Dominican Republic for their 3rd annual service trip with Watkinson School and University High School of Science and Engineering (UHSSE).

While there, the team’s work will include building projects for the very poor, providing desperately needed medical clinics, and many other programs to bring hope to so many. The bulk of the service work will happen in sugar cane villages, called bateys, where Haitian cane cutters and their families live like indentured servants to the cane companies. It is typical to see 15 members of a family living in a one-room hut that has a dirt floor and leaky roof, sharing one bed.


Many children eat very little aside from sugar cane. Malnutrition, pink eye, and dysentery are common maladies that can frequently turn life threatening because there is no one to provide care.

The plan is to visit five bateys during the trip. We are seeking support for the service work, including providing medical clinics and distributing food packages to feed nearly 1000 batey residents for about a month.

Last year, the team treated over 700 patients in one week.

Here is a great video clip from the 2017 trip:

We are also collecting shoes, toiletries, these over-the-counter medicines, and are in dire need of Tums (chewable antacids) and multi-vitamins. Please drop off any and all donations to our office at WCC HQ (M-F between 9 and 4:30), UHSSE, or Watkinson School by NOVEMBER 16th 2018.

If you would prefer to make a financial donation you can write a check to Watkinson School and mail it/drop it off to the above locations. Please make checks payable to Watkinson School and reference DR Service Team on the memo line. (mailing address is:  180 Bloomfield Ave, Hartford, CT 06105).   Online donations (and to learn more) can be made by clicking here.

To give you a frame of reference, a gift of $50 would feed a Haitian family for a month, a gift of $450 would cover the costs of providing medical care to an entire batey. All donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for your support!

Getting ready!