Server Maintenance Programs

Avoid Downtime and Better Predict Hardware Failure

For those businesses that have already instituted the use of advanced networking equipment and onsite servers, the realization that these devices need regular maintenance is a vital one.

This hardware is the not only the backbone of your company but also provides access not only to but from the outside world.

This equipment needs frequent updating and monitoring to be help reduce any network downtime and better predict hardware failure.

What We Provide

  • Weekly checks for updates and firmware upgrades for server and networking equipment
  • Rebooting any network or server equipment when necessary to optimize resources
  • Event Log monitoring to monitor any unforeseen issues
  • Latency tests to ensure network equipment is performing at optimal speeds
  • Reduction of downtime leading to an increase in employee productivity and reduced costs
  • Weekly backup monitoring

If you have questions or would like more information about how WCC can help you with server maintenance please contact us or call us today at 860.836.4191.

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