Case Studies


A new client utilizes a remote desktop server. This server is accessible from the internet and allows the end user to log in to the device and utilize resources that are in the office. Applications, data, printers, network equipment access and anything else available to a computer in the network is available to anyone with the ability to log in to this remote server.

The client decided to take advantage of our We Care Computers’ Managed Services to monitor their devices. Upon installation, the agent was reporting a large number of failed logins coming from their remote desktop server. Upon further inspection, we noticed that these logins were attempts from the internet trying to access the remote server. With over 200,000 logins in a single day it was evident this was no mistake. The logs indicated that many common login names such as admin, scanner, printer, Ricoh and more were being attempted repeatedly.

By monitoring the computer with our Managed Services, we could provide verifiable proof that there were threats posed to their systems and they needed increased security immediately. Following this up with proper password policies and additional security methods, we were able to prevent a possible infiltration of their network by malicious entities.
Maintaining strong passwords is vital to your organization so keep in mind:

• Expiration policies to prevent long term usage of one password
• Password length requirements
• Password complexity requirements
• Preventing previously used passwords

There are a number of additional security policies that can be put in place including locking out specific IP addresses after a number of failed logins.

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Updates are an important part of the computing world. They close loopholes in security, fix unwanted bugs, and add new features to the software we use every day. In most cases these updates get installed without a hitch and allow the computer to work more smoothly and securely. On occasion an update may have an unintended effect on the computer that can hinder usage or even break the operating system.

Recently a Windows update came out that caused the mouse and keyboard to stop responding by breaking the drivers that allow the connecting USB ports to operate. When such a vital piece of the computer stops working, resolving the issue can be difficult. Without being able to control the keyboard, we are unable to quickly resolve this issue and must resort to alternative methods of troubleshooting.

For those that take advantage of our WCC Managed Services, however, we are able to quickly resolve this issue without the need for physical access to the machine. By using the remote control or remote background capabilities, we can remove the update in a few minutes instead of the hour or so it would take to repair with an onsite or in-house visit. This one reduction in labor hours can help cover a significant portion of the WCCMS costs for the year.

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