What type of clients do you support?

  • Businesses looking to be compliant with any regulating agencies.
  • Businesses looking to secure their data with a business-class firewall.
  • Businesses who want all of their important equipment to be updated and secure.
  • Businesses who are frustrated with their technology
  • Businesses who are feeling undervalued by their IT provider
  • Businesses with 5-50 employees
  • Businesses who value and invest in technology
  • Businesses that have complex technology or planning needs
  • Businesses with multiple locations
  • Businesses that are expanding or moving to a new location
  • Businesses that appreciate integrity, honesty, and amazing communication

If you have said this we can help!

“Hold on my computers are acting up again”

“My IT company takes forever to get back to me”

“I am not sure if we have a backup system”

“My password is the same for all of my accounts”

“My employees are not working as efficiently as they could be”

“I wish I didn’t have to keep so many paper files around”

“My wifi isn’t great in that part of our building”

“My employees don’t know anything about computers

“We had an issue with an employee responding to a phishing email”

“I get so much spam”

An ideal prospect for us:

A professional service firm (medical, legal, financial etc.) that budgets and plans properly for their technology costs

A business that already has been investing in technology

Why kind of services do you provide?

We are focused on providing complete enterprise class coverage for our clients including ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and upgrading, to hardware procurement and new office setups. We offer monthly plans, monthly monitoring with managed services, server maintenance, email migrations and more. We can clean up your machines when they become infected and offer suggestions for a replacement if hardware fails.

What if I don’t know what my IT needs are?

We will happily meet at your location to go over your infrastructure and provide a proposal with ways we can improve the security, reliability and productivity of your network.

Why does a monthly support plan make sense for my business?

A monthly plan allows you to easily budget your IT expenditures throughout the year while allowing time to proactively maintain your systems and decrease the amount of unplanned downtime.

I only have a few employees; do I still need a monthly plan?

We have created several different plan levels to make sure that we have an option that will help any size business save money on IT support.

Can you help my office increase productivity in day-to-day operations?

We specialize in optimizing the way employees communicate, collaborate and operate. Our approach involves taking the frustration of IT-related issues off of your staff as much as possible while suggesting new ways to boost productivity.

Do you set up email systems?

Yes, we recommend Microsoft Office 365 solutions for any sized business even if you only have one email account. Sync your calendar, contacts and email with your desktops and mobile devices, and never lose anything.

What is a back and whack?

Many times a computer is so infected or so ‘corrupt’, that the best or only thing to do is what we call a ‘Back and Whack’. In short, this means we backup your data, and then reinstall Windows from scratch leaving the computer in a clean fresh state.

The ‘Back’ part of this phrase stands for backup. This means the 1st step is that we backup all of your data to another computer. Your data are items like your documents, your pictures, your music and your movies. Data does not include programs or program settings. So for example we can backup your Microsoft Word documents, but not the Microsoft Word program. We can back up your music itself but not whatever program you use to play the music, like iTunes. All programs would need to be reinstalled. You will need to have access to the proper installation media (discs or downloads) and license information for any ‘pay for’ programs like Microsoft Office, Quicken, Antivirus software etc.

The ‘Whack’ part of the process means that we wipe the hard drive clean and reinstall Windows from scratch. This means that when you boot up your computer again, Windows will not ‘appear’ the same. Your desktop wallpaper will be different, none of the programs you had previously installed will be there, and your desktop icons will not be there.

We then bring back your data and restore it to a folder on the desktop. At this point you can either choose to reinstall programs yourself or setup an appointment to have us come out and do this for you. In addition, we can also come out and help move your data around to places on the computer that makes more sense to you. This last process is not done in the office and can only be performed onsite.

What is the best way to contact you?

You can reach us by phone, email, or stop by our office to drop off your equipment. Please go to our contact page for more details.