Success Showcase – Avi Smith-Rapaport with Eric Lopkin and Chip Janiszewski
How to Outsmart Your Happiness Setpoint – Webinar with JoAnna Brandi
Interview with Teddy Woolsey of WantingLess.org
See the world with a different perspective!
Katie is a good friend of We Care who works for Norcomm Mortgage.
Who do you lean on when you need support?
A Webinar for the Better Business Bureau
You can never praise or acknowledge people enough!
A webinar for the West Hartford Chamber of Commerce
Focus on what is good right now!
Be Present!
Count your Blessings
Trust in those you rely on!
Are you taking care of yourself?
Let’s be Patient with each other!
We will get through this!
A Tip to Stay Grounded
Does anyone need a break?
Do you have everything you need?
Keep Breathing!


Session with Matt Thieleman
Founder, Golden Bristle
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