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Avi Smith-Rapaport
Founder Avi Smith-Rapaport

We Care Computers is locally owned and operated. Chances are, you’ve met the owner of our company or you will eventually. Unlike the mass market geeks, and the nice people on distant continents, we’re part of your community, so we really care about your computer productivity and happiness. Whether you use a PC or Mac, we are ready to help you with top quality services.

Our success is based on quality work, effectiveness, efficiency, achievement, collaboration, respect, integrity, transparency and responsibility. These values determine our actions in our daily dealing with clients, business partners, team members and our community.

We serve businesses and residential customers in the Greater Hartford, New Haven, and Springfield, MA areas. It’s not a bad idea to call us before you have trouble. We can help secure your machine from malicious programs, and set up backup systems to protect your valuable data from crashes. We also offer training and wireless network installation.

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